Authorized Psych-K Facilitator


Wouldn’t it be great if you could change virtually anything in your life while doing more of nothing than you have ever done before?


You can! That is exactly what hypnotherapy is all about. Whether you want to stop smoking, lose weight, handle stress more effectively, improve performance (for example; your golf game, test taking or even sex), sleep better, control pain, improve meditation skills or even take a peek at who you were in some past life, it is really as easy as taking a mini-mental-vacation, while allowing me to do all the work in a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment.


Hypnosis is 100% natural; after all we are using the power of your own mind. It is completely safe and is effective for the vast majority of people.


It is all about giving you back the power over your life! If you would like to schedule an appointment, click on the e-mail me link. If you would like to know more, feel free to browse this site. I think you will agree that hypnotherapy could be the answer you are looking for!